One Way Productions - Boston, Mass - Purveyors of Independent Music For 25 Years
Natalie Flanagan
Rick Barton - Shadowblasters, Dropkick Murphys, Continental
Emily Grogan
Left Nut - Mikey Welch, Weezer
Mighty, Mighty Bosstones - Dickie Barrett
John Felice - Modern Lovers, Real Kids, Taxi Boys, The Devotions
The Outlets - Rick Barton
Last Stand - Noonday Underground
Robin Vaughan - Velveteen, The Sextons
Shake The Faith - New Models, The Kenmores, The Marvels
Andrea Gillis - Red Chord
Jill Kurtz - Caged Heat
Black Market Medallions
Monique Ortiz - Bourbon Princess, Alien Knife Fight, AKACOD

One Way Productions, 52 Dickinson Street, Somerville, Massachusetts, 02134, 617-776-1415