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Emily Grogan

Original Liner Notes

May 27, 2005
As Musician: Emily's first instrument was piano. Classical was her focus with a brief stint at Berklee studying jazz. While being a cook at the punk rock club The Rat, she was turned on to electric guitar, (her main instrument now) and hasn’t put it down since. Other instruments she’s played/performed with, include saxophone, bass guitar, drums and harmonica. Bands she’s played in (Boston Bands): Emily Grogan (vocals/guitar/keyboard/harmonica), Red Chord/ (Alto Saxophone/Guitar/backup vocals), Heidi Saperstein (Bass Guitar), Angeline/ (Guitar/ vocals/ harmonica), Inky Spoon, Thumb Cramp,/ and Mr. Butch Experience (Guitar); (NYC Bands): Black Madonna, Screaming Venus (drums). As a Vocalist: Besides fronting her own band-Emily shares vocal duties in her new side project Angeline. She’s also done studio vocal work for : Andrea Gillis, Natalie Flannagan, Josh Lederman and Los Diablos,/ and the The Dirty Truckers. As Songwriter: Her song "No Hitch" was in the Sony Pictures movie Jawbreaker. She co-wrote a song for vocal powerhouse Andrea Gillis for her new CD. Emily’s new side project Angeline, has her sharing writing duties with Linda Viens. All the songs/music on her self released 1st CD False-O-Meter and her new CD iO, a One Way Productions release, are written by Emily. She is signed to One Way Productions. Her new 13 song CD, titled "iO" is scheduled for a late May, 2005 release. "Io" was produced and written by Emily, engineered and mixed by Darron Burke at Makeshift Studios. It contains some great local musicians: Scott Dakota, Andrea Gaudette, Scott Murawski, Josh Hagar, Mark Bowden, Shawn McLaughlin, Dave Grogan, Tom Halter and Julie Avallone/. Emily also has a new side project, Angeline, with Linda Viens and Asa Brebner.


“Emily Grogan, who may well turn out to be the next big thing out of Boston’s music scene…The singer/guitarist is a Botticelli beauty in a pink dress, with a sweet smile and self-effacing social manner, but anyone expecting a set of wan singer-songwriter introspections about boyfriends and rainy days is in for a bracing surprise.”
- Robyn Vaughn, The Boston Herald

“…well-structured songs with great guitar hooks, catchy lyrics…Much of her strength is harnessed in her distinct and powerful set of pipes, simultaneously aggressive enough to take a bite out of your arm, and the next moment, to be as soothing as a hospital nurse.”
- Keith “Rev.” Harris, The Northeast Performer

“…As a songwriter, Grogan's work is a mix of right-brain creativity and left-brain precision…”
- David Wildman, Boston Globe

Emily Grogan - iO


1. begin again
2. girl of opportunity
3. dank
4. uranium
5. drag
6. state
7. face another day
8. blind drunk
9. superstring
10. DMT
11. child
12. beat
13. gravity of lies

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